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Youth & Family Bowling

youth-bowling-at-plaza-2Perfect for youth team building and celebrations. Make Plaza Lanes your destination for your team and family outings. We pride ourselves in being friendly, modern community oriented business and we work hard to ensure you have cleanest recreational facility in the area and a great overall venue experience, your satisfaction guaranteed.

We have special group rate packages for 2 hours of bowling, shoes 2 slices of pizza and unlimited pop.

Glow Bowling Success - Simple, Fast & Fun!

Glow-BowlingLights off and turn the music on! Great for hockey teams or your youth adult team fundraiser. We include 2 games of bowling fun with free use of rental shoes and 1 large, 1 item pizza per lane. We have many ideas for events you need and we will customize them for you on the spot! Students, parents, teachers clubs and organizations are all welcome. Plaza Lanes will help provide solutions for your fundraising opportunities.

Fall Hours for Cosmic (or Glow Bowling) are:

  • Every other Friday night 10:00 pm until CLOSE.
  • Saturday (DAY) Noon until 4:00pm.
  • Every other Saturday nigt 9:00pm until close

Please call ahead!

We look forward to seeing you!

Please feel free to call us today and see how we can help! Contact Page



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