Open Bowling

During Fall League Season...
Open Bowling Schedule Is subject To Change Based on Special Events, Fundraisers and Tournaments,  as well as Every other week Leagues! Please Call Ahead

Monday Off Lanes by 6:00 pm   Open Again After 10:30 pm    
Tuesday Off Lanes by 5:30 pm   Open Again After 10:00 pm    
Wednesday Off Lanes by 6:00 pm        
Thursday Off Lanes by 4:30 pm   Open Again After 7:30 pm    
Friday Off Lanes by 5:00 pm   Limited Open Again After 8:30 pm    
Saturday Off Lanes by 4:30 pm   Limited Open Again After 9:00 pm    
Sunday Off Lanes by 4:30 pm   Open Again After 8:30 pm (Cosmic)    

The hours listed above are schedule for days we do not have leagues or events scheduled. Holding events and fundraisers are part of our business, we book these events outside of our bowling leagues and their schedules. Please call ahead for open bowling and our availability to host open bowling

Open Bowling Hours Can Change Due To Scheduled Outings - Please Call Ahead for Lane Availability

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