Every Other Week - Mixed Leagues

Mixed Leagues - Every Other Week

Plaza-Lanes-Mixed-League-evPlaza Lanes has a variety of mixed leagues. The Every Other Week Mixed Leagues are all 4 person teams. Looking for a night out to bowl? Give us a call! We always have league openings to fill.
Most mixed bowling leagues consist of four team players that meet up once a week or once every other week, usually at the same time and day. Four-person teams tend to be used in mixed leagues, while three- and five-player teams are more common in male-only and female-only leagues.

Wiz Bangs offers a great resource to pick up the best equipmement during league play. Be sure to stop in their pro shop behind lanes 35 & 36.


Day Time # Team League Name League Stats Starting
Saturday A 5:45 pm 4 Happy Kings & Queens  League ID 84434  9/10/16
Saturday B 5:45 pm 4 Bowling Buddies  League ID 19127  9/17/16
Saturday B 6:00 pm 4 Sat Nite Specials    9/17/16
Saturday B 8:40 pm 4 Printcraft Mixed    TBD
Sunday A 6:00 pm 4 Jacks & Jills    9/11/16
Sunday B 5:30 pm 4 Holy Bowlers    8/28/16
Sunday 5:30 pm 4 B & E    9/11/16


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