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CDC and MSHHS guidelines

Tuesday March 24th, 2020

Stay Home, Stay Safe

The Governor has set in place a new executive order, as I am sure you are aware. The "Stay Home, Stay Safe" Order. According to this new order, all businesses that fall under the first executive order from last week (bowling alleys included) must now be closed until April 13th, 2020 11:59 pm.
Please Stay Home and Stay Healthy!

Tuesday March, 17, 2020

Government mandated: All bars and restaurants must close at 3pm Monday, March 16th, 2020

"The governor has issued an executive order that any "Place of public amusement," which specifically includes Bowling Alleys, must be closed until the 30th of March. If anything changes and we are able to open sooner, we will open. Plaza Lanes appreciates your understanding through these unprecedented circumstances.

Stay safe and healthy!

CDC and MSHHS guidelines

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about-us-plaza-lanesIf you are looking for a bowling center with some of the 'BEST' leagues in Metro Detroit, then you have come to the right place. Featuring the Great 8 Invitational (full house across 40 lanes) and the Plaza Men's League (full house across 40 lanes). We have the cream of the crop in skilled bowlers.

Gerry & Jason Johnson understand that keeping their bowling center well maintained isn't always enough. The Johnson's certainly understand the competition for bowlers in the area and they are always willing to take the next step to stay at the top.

Having spent nearly 20 years in the bowling industry, Gerry & Jason understand that to be successful in this sport you have to put a good product out there. The environment at Plaza Lanes is very competitive, our staff is awesome, our mechanics are phenomenal and the ownership is bent on being the best bowling center, not only in Plymouth, but in the Metro Detroit area.

Spend some time with our bowlers and you'll understand why they come Plaza Lanes. Simply put, Our bowlers drive our ambition to be the best bowling center in the area!

We hope you enjoy bowling at Plaza Lanes, we certainly love having you here!

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